Sashimi Lovers

Sashimi Lovers

Are you a sashimi lover and looking to find the freshest fish in Houston? Tokyo Bowl in Clear Lake prides itself in serving the freshest fish in town. Whether you like your fish sushi or sashimi style, Tokyo Bowl is the perfect place for your next lunch or dinner. Enjoy a hot or cold beverage and get any of your favorite fishes sashimi at Tokyo Bowl including: tuna, salmon, escolar, aji, eel, snapper, shrimp, crab, mackeral,hot kani, hot scallop, albacore tuna, yellowtail, pepper salmon, and more.

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  • Andy

    Food good but shocked that the paper towel dispenser in the men's restroom is directly over the urinal !!! Geez
    Employees must wash hands i.e. Health dept rule....

  • Concerned mom

    My child had a peanut allergy reaction at Tokyo Bowl in December 2014.
    They put peanut butter in their Unagi Roll (Eel Roll) without labeling or informing it on their menu.
    Why would Tokyo Bowl put peanut butter in a seemingly safe, traditionally and typically peanut free dish without labeling it baffles me, except to say that Tokyo Bowl is neither an authentic Japanese restaurant, nor a restaurant conscientious with labeling and informing through their menu, any unusual ingredients put into their food. This is actually a life threatening issue that could affect so many people with severe food allergies. Calls made to Tokyo Bowl to address our concern has never been answered. Be warned!
    Concerned mom of child with food allergy

  • Fateskid

    The Sullivan's favorite Sushi place.  None better than here.

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